Sampler Course



Learning, but how? The secret of individual learning style differences

Interactive 1-day seminar for educators of all educational institutions with Prof. Barbara Prashnig Creative Learning Systems, New Zealand & Austria

  • Each participant receives: 1 LSA adult profile  b e f o r e  the seminar
  • Maximum number of participants: 30 (2 coaches für 30+)


This program gives an overview of the following special areas:

  • Awareness of individual learning style differences in student groups
  • Deep understanding of biological & conditioned learning style needs
  • LSA profil interpretations of the participants
  • Getting to know group profiles as the most important tool for classroom teachers
  • Classroom refactoring based on results from group profiles
  • Recognize when learning and teaching styles do not match


 "Learning, but how? The secret of individual learning style differences "

Morning: (from 9:00 am)

  • Biological / natural and conditioned / learned style elements
  • Profile Interpretation of Own Learning Style Analyzes (LSA Adults)
  • Acquisition of information through internal and external sensory modalities (V-A-T-K)
  • Left / right brain dominance and its importance for general learning success

Afternoon: (until 5 pm)

  • Natural learning style needs of students with learning problems
  • Group profiles & their benefits for classroom teachers who struggle with different learning achievements of their students
  • Problem detection: when learning and teaching styles do not match
  • Redesigning classrooms according to the learning needs of student groups


This training can be credited for Day 1 of the LS certification and includes:
personal learning style profiles for adults (LSA-Adult) for 30 participants (value € 420.00) plus course materials

LSA student profiles (school packages) can be ordered at any time via the CLS website: