Certification program

International 3-day LSA certification program for educational institutions


Learning styles and personalized lessons

for teachers at compulsory schools, AHS, BHS, technical colleges,

Colleges and universities


Author, teacher and foreigner

Professor Mag. Barbara Prashnig from New Zealand


Learning, but how? The secret of individual learning style differences

          - including personal learning style profile (LSA) for 30 participants (value € 420)


Day 2:

Help for Problem Students - New Class Management - Group Profiles

          - including worksheets & interpretation manuals (value € 470.00) plus

          - 240 free LSA student profiles (value approx. 3,840.00 Euro)

Day 3:

Teaching Styles - Learning Tools - Introduction of LS Programs

          - includes lesson style profile (TSA) for 30 participants (value € 480.00) plus

          - Worksheets and craft instruction

Program Day 1:

„Learning, but how? The secret of individual learning style differences "

Morning: (9.00 – 12.30)

•  Know yourself and others: learning style models, international learning style research

•  learning styles (LS) & exams; Multiple intelligences & LS

 Biological / natural and conditioned / learned style elements

  Profile Interpretation of Personal Learning Style Analyzes (LSA)

  Information acquisition through internal and external sensory modalities (V-A-T-K)

Afternoon: (13.15 – 17.00)

•  Left / right brain dominance and its importance for general school success

•  Style differences of analytically and holistically thinking students, boys and girls

  Natural learning style needs of students with learning problems

  On-line software for downloading LernStil analyzes for different age groups

Program Day 2:

 „Help for Problem Students - New Class Management - Group Profiles

Morning: (9.00 – 12.30)

•  Interpret student LSA profiles with the Learning Style Interpretation Guide

  Learning style peculiarities of highly gifted vs. slow learner

•  LSA group profiles: self-help for teachers with large numbers of students

•  Group profile interpretations and their application in student groups

Afternoon: (13.15 – 17.00)

  Analytical / holistic teaching methods (double-tracking)

  LernStil Special features of students with learning difficulties in special care (ADHS)

•  Learning style classroom in elementary, middle and middle school; Learning and working at home

  Redesign of classrooms according to natural learning needs of students

•  Micro-education in action

Program Day 3:

„Lesson Styles - Learning Tools - Introduction of LS Programs in Schools

Morning: (9.00 – 12.30)

•  Looking back on experiences with learning style differences in students

•  Teaching Style Analysis (TSA-Ed) for practicing educators: Model & Instrument

  When learning and teaching styles do not match

•  Camparisons of LSA student group profiles and TSA profiles of their teachers

  Action plan for improving the quality of your own teaching at the micro level

Afternoon: (13.15 – 17.00)

 Tactile / kinesthetic (T / K) learning tools (get to know & create)

  Use of T / K learning tools in class and at home

  10 steps to introduce learning styles in individual classes or an entire school

  Questions and answers

A very similar certification program is also available for trainers and coaches who work with apprentices in the field of theoretical content mediation.